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The real estate agency MaxiRe was born from the meeting between five professionals having different experiences.
The main aim of the agency - leader in real estate intermediation with a specific ability in the field of fashion,
jewelryand luxury- is to find newgrowing opportunities for the compagnies that aim at developping their business. Thanks to an important network of relationships and to the channel of synergies with the traders of the sector, MaxiRe
promotes the development of Italian and international brands through the opening of new stores in Rome and in the main Italian or European cities.
MaxiRe offers an advisory service in the research and rental of business activities and flexible and dynamic solutions either for private people or for big luxury brands.
Our main tool is the knowledge we have about the marketplace and our direct contact with the operators in the sector. Both tools allow us to offer ad hoc solutions intended to last over time.
« Those are Alberto Pagani’s wordswho isMaxiRe’s Deus ex machina, and they illustrate the company’s mission. 

A scientific and professional approach based on a long-term vision rather than on the immediate result.

Our job is moved by involvement
enthousiasm and experience and our main aim is to meet the needs of those who aim at focussing on quality to promote their brand.

Thanks to this philosophy the real estate agency MaxiRe collaborated and still collaborates with the most prestigious Italian and international brands for the research of prestigious properties with great skill in negotiating contracts between real estate holdings and commercial enterprises. Being a real estate broker in business environment means taking care of the brand property and protecting the interests of the owners of the property. People who rely on MaxiRe will not only find a company in which everyone feels involved and has an active part in the search for excellence but also actually find a true mediator with an ethical sensitivity that goes even further his professional role.

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